Dedicated and diverse, our highly specialized staff combines a passion for design and a broad range of artistic disciplines and fabrication specialties to deliver unequaled cutting-edge craftsmanship. Our unwavering attention to detail, our creative solutions approach, and our flair for pairing aesthetics with functionality allow us to create exactly what you want - a unique architectural product unmatched in beauty, quality, and durability. Not only will you take lasting pride in the finished product - as we do - you'll remain on time, and on budget.




Ray, founder and president of Technique Architectural Products, graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a degree in art, concentrating in sculpture. He has over 15 years of experience working with architects and designers helping them to realize their most complex and challenging designs.




Ed is retired from a career in industrial research and college teaching and administration. He now volunteers his services to his son’s business in the areas of management and record keeping. He earned a B.Sc. in Mathematics and Ph.D. in Mechanics of Materials from the University of London.




As the Project Engineer at Technique, Colin is consistently involved with the progress of our projects from inception to  fabrication and installation. Colin’s responsibilities include estimating, generating detailed shop drawings, material procurement, and project management. With a B.S. Degree in Industrial Design, he works to create feasible solutions without compromising aesthetics.



Chris specializes in all forms of welding on a range of different metals. Chris also contributes extensively to the operations of the shop and project execution and is responsible for timely delivery and quality. He graduated from Triangle Tech located in Pittsburgh PA. He has a Specialized Associates Degree in Welding and Fabrication and has 15 years of experience ranging from structural steel fabrication to architectural one-of-a-kind signage